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A Penny Saved Today, a Life Assured Tomorrow

Saving money requires continuous effort to become a habit. Sula is one of the poorest communities in Vinzons which only depends on the blessings of the sea for their living; but the Samahan ng Kababaihan savings group doesn’t let this hinder them from reaching their goals.

Samahan ng Kababaihan Savings Group is one of the savings groups formed in Sula. The group consists of women of different ages, they are mostly housewives who depend on the daily income of their spouses. In the beginning, they struggled in giving their weekly shares because of having no permanent source of income. Nevertheless, the members managed to budget their daily needs and learned to set aside a portion for their regular savings although it’s not always enough and sometimes, even insufficient for their whole family.

The uniqueness in the Samahan ng Kababaihan Savings Group surfaced during their pay out day. Although its members have their own needs as well, they decided to spend their payouts by giving back to their community. For the last two (2) cycles of their savings, the group collected Php 3,000.00 out of their social fund and chose to share it for the children in Sula. The group shared their payouts with 30 children through a simple celebration with food, gifts, and fun activities.

When asked about their goal, they said:
“it is good to know how our small amount of  money can provide a big smile and gratitude to little children. We are happy that we are able to share what we have with others even in small ways”

Aside from learning how to save money and manage their finances, they also found a group they can count on in times of need. Together, they learned that it is important to have savings especially during difficult times.

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