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“Breastfeeding Satisfies it All…”

According to Grantly Dick-Read, 
“A new born baby has only three demands. They are the warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and security in the knowledge of her presence. And breastfeeding satisfies it all”.
Breastfeeding is an incredible thing because of the fact that a mom can nourish and grow her baby using only her own entire body. And it’s exactly the reason why one of our FH mothers in the community of Bitungol, Ms. Maribel Arbas, chooses to practice exclusive breastfeeding.
Ms. Arbas gave birth last March 5, 2018 to a healthy baby boy, in addition to her 6 older kids. All of them were breast-fed until they were 2 years of age.
When we asked her some of the reasons why she insists on practicing exclusive breastfeeding, she stated that it helps her save money because there is no need to buy formula milk.
Also, it’s always and will always available at any time and at any place. She also added that it’s a big help in terms of finances as her husband don’t have a regular job and only works as a part time construction worker. She also noticed the significant effect of breastfeeding to her children’s health; not a single one of her 7 children has been hospitalized. According to Mrs. Arbas,


“I really enjoy breast feeding because I know it builds a stronger connection

between me and my son. I even prepare Malunggay soup and eat nutritious food to

give him not just plenty of milk but also healthy milk”.


Ms. Arbas was also one of the beneficiaries of our Vitamin Angels. She proudly tells us that the vitamins really helped her a lot as a mother.
She was able to experience the difference between using vitamins while being pregnant, she noticed that she produced more milk compared to her previous pregnancies, and her baby boy came out perfectly healthy. In addition, her baby was born with the ideal weight and is continuously maintaining that gain.
Furthermore, she’s also involved in one of our programs in Health, Neighbor Circle Mothers, and she strongly believes that she will be able to gain more learnings and knowledge that can help her be a better mother for her children.

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