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“When Advocacy Empowers Children”

hildren have the right to live in safe and enabling social environment for them to reach their full potential however

according to the new study of Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) & UNICEF,

most children experience violence where they should feel safest – in their own homes, community and school.

Being safe is something adults or many of us take for granted and sadly, children are prone to abuse.

Violence and abuse have serious effects on the child’s development, physical and psychological well-being.

Hence, Food for the Hungry (FH) promotes zero tolerance against abuse and advocates in raising awareness among FH communities,

children and adults to ensure that children are protected from experiencing any form of abuse.

Honey Mhae, an FH child and one of the participants of CSAP, shared that prior to her participation in orientation,

she felt unsafe in their neighborhood because of her drinking neighbors.

She grew up and was raised in Bitungol. Bitungol is one of the poorest communities in Norzagaray, Bulacan.

Honey Mhae has strong determination to finish her studies and high hopes for the future.

She dreams of becoming a professional Teacher someday as she is passionate in dealing with the children.

Honey Mhae is the youngest child among the four children of Mr. Richard Hernaez and Connie Bagunas.

She is 12, and currently in 7th grade.

Her family joined the FH program in summer of 2017.

Initially, Honey Mhae was very shy in engaging in the different child participation activities,

but through the continuous encouragement and having an active Area Leader mother,

she learned to mingle with others and she is now actively participating

in different activities and was even assigned as the youth leader in their area.

She is very grateful for the opportunity to attend the CSAP orientation and learned ways in dealing with her present situation.

She said, “abusive experience should not be kept but should be shared honestly and reported”.

She added that “taking care of oneself is also important”.  

She plans to apply and share what she learned to her friends and siblings to prevent them from experiencing abuse as well.

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